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The Washin'an Tea Room

Washin'an is an authentic Japanese tearoom, owned by the Urasenke school of Tea and operated by the Urasenke Tankokai Washington DC. Association.  The building materials were transported from Kyoto, Japan, and the tearoom was built by the Japanese craftsmen here in Washington, DC. 

Since its opening in March 2012, Washin'an has been the center for introducing Chado, Japanese Way of Tea to the nation’s capital by conducting classes and demonstrations.

How to visit


Washin'an is located at 1819 L Street, N.W., Suite 220 (see map) .


For those who would like to visit Washin'an, we open Washin'an for "private viewing" upon request.  "Private viewing" includes touring Washin'an (an 8-tatami-mat tearoom,  a 6-tatami-mat tearoom, a table-and-chair style tearoom, and a tea garden), and being served a bowl of tea by a member of the Association. Please call 202-740-2208 to make arrangements. We welcome donations of any size from guests visiting our Tea Room.

和深庵 Washin'an consists of the words  “wa” (harmony), “shin” (deep), and “an” (retreat), and translates as “retreat for deepening harmony.” The word “wa” can mean “Japan”, so an alternate translation is “retreat for deepening (understanding) of Japan.”

Tea Garden at Washin'An