Get Involved

Open Houses

We offer open houses for the public on Thursdays from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Please check the calendar to confirm that Washin'an will be open. We also request that you make an appointment ahead of time by contacting us at 202-740-2208.

Tea Gatherings

Seasonal tea gatherings mark special occasions in the tea world and celebrate each season in a way that is unique to Chado. Most of the tea gatherings are for Association members and not open to the public.

Lectures and Tea Related Workshops

Chashaku Making Workshop

Chado comprises numerous artistic and philosophical traditions that the Association explores through lectures, hands-on workshops, and discussions. You can learn to make traditional tea sweets or participate in a discussion about the historical development of Chado in Japan. The Association holds various programs year round.

Tea Demonstrations

We promote Chado through tea demonstrations at school, museums and other foundations in the Greater Washington DC area. We accept requests for demonstrations from nonprofit organizations for cultural and educational purposes. Please contact for further information.

Meet Other Tea Enthusiasts

Freer Gallery Storage Visit

The Association seeks to build a community of tea people who appreciate and support the Chado culture. Association programs give members a chance to get acquainted and make new friends.